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Company-Sponsored Memberships

Ask your company to sponsor your membership

The most successful companies know that investing in high-performance people can be a competitive differentiator, and they recognize the strong results they will receive in return. 

As a training and development professional, you help your organization invest in the development of its human capital. And yet, the fees of only about 30% of our members are paid by their employers. The rest believe in the value strongly enough to pay out of their own pockets. 

We believe that 100% of our members should be sponsored by their employers! Consider asking your employer to support your high performance development.

Email Template

 Here is a sample letter that may be just the key. If the wording doesn't exactly suit your style or situation, just use what what you feel will be effective. Good luck!

Subject: My Professional Development -- Professional Organization Membership Dues

I am actively involved in a professional organization, the Association for Talent Development, Northeast Florida chapter. My membership in this organization gives me access to tools, solutions, and insights that I implement daily in my job. Each month this organization holds one or more professional development workshops, at which local and national speakers address the membership on general leadership/professional development topics or developments specifically of interest to the training industry. These programs always provide me with some sort of take-away that I can apply to my current position or project. 

These workshops also provide great networking opportunities. Because of my membership I have access to contacts in every industry and of every skill set. On a monthly basis I can reach out to these folks for guidance, tips and some amazing practical advice on projects I am working on here at XYZ Company.

Finally, my serving as a board member/committee member/volunteer for ATD is giving me additional opportunities to develop my leadership and communication skills. 

My membership in this organization positively impacts my performance here at XYZ Company. I would like to request that my membership fees are considered as part of my professional development and are supported by the company. Ideally, I will be a member of both the Local and National organizations. The annual fee for complete dual membership is $269.00* (less than the cost of a single out-of-town seminar). This includes a whole year's worth of professional development workshops with no additional costs.

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