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Events Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next event?

To see the latest information on upcoming meetings and events, click Events from the menu on top.
A page will display meeting and event information.

How can I sign up for the next event?

For current events, a registration link appears along with a description of the event. Event registration opens two to four weeks in advance.

When I tried to sign up for an event it said "waiting list". Can I go to the event anyway?

If you still have the confirmation email, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open the confirmation email and copy (Ctrl + C) the confirmation number.

  2. Click on the link.

  3. On the left of your screen, click Modify.

  4. Paste your confirmation number (Ctrl + v) in the field and click OK.

  5. Continue to follow the prompts to unregister.

If you cannot find your confirmation email, send an email request to and explain you need to cancel.

I signed up for the next event, but will not be able to attend? What should I do?

Cancel as soon as possible by emailing or calling 904-551-9000. If you cancel by the third day before a regular meeting, or by noon the day before an eSIG meeting, any fees you've paid will be refunded. If your schedule changes too late to cancel, you may send a substitute in your place.

My company's credit card will not work. What should I do?

Many companies block the use of their card from making purchases on the Internet. Check with your company's purchasing agent to find out if this is the obstacle. If you have additional problems, contact

How can I be a speaker at an ATD event?

To be a speaker at one of the ATDNEFL main meetings, please send a summary of your topic and your background to
To speak at one of our e-learning Special Interest Group (eSIG) meetings, send a summary of your topic and your background to

How can I register more than one person at a time? Is it possible to have multiple registrations?

After registering yourself, click the Register button again. You will get an error message saying that you are already registered and that continuing will create another registration. Since this is what you want to do, just proceed to fill in your guest's information and the payment details. Repeat for the next person. Please call Susan Abraham, Chapter Administrator, at 904-356-9008 if you have any problems.