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Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities are there to promote my business?

There are many ways to promote your business. Many are open to members only and some open to everyone. Many are free of charge and others are fee-based:

  • Training Services: You can be listed in our online "Yellow Pages" of training products and services. Click Resources » Talent Development Services Directory link on the menu.
  • Position Referral: You can place a posting to distribute information about needs for training related products and services. Placing information such as a request for proposal, is free of charge for members. Members can also view postings upon logging in. Contact for more information.
  • Information Table: At every monthly meeting, there is a table in the back where any member can leave information about their offerings.

  • Networking at every meeting: You will meet people with whom your company might do business. People who attend ATD meetings are professionals from a number of local businesses across industry segments.
  • Volunteering: Volunteering on a committee is a great way to meet people and get your name out. 
  • Door Prizes: At many regular monthly meetings, we give away door prizes. If you have something you would like to offer as a door prize (e.g., book, CD, tote bag, etc.), we will raffle it off and you will get some extra exposure.
  • Newsletter Articles: Writing an article for the newsletter will get your name in front of people! For more information, contact the Newsletter Editor at

  • Advertise in the newsletter: The Association for Talent Development of Northeast Florida's newsletter, Learning Bridges, reaches approximately 2000 people. Advertising your business in the newsletter can present your business in front of key decision makers in the training and development industry. Contact the VP of Sponsorship at 
  • Sponsor a meeting: Each ATD event is often hosted by a sponsor. This is a great opportunity to present your business to training and development professionals in North Florida. For more information, contact

How can I get more involved with ATD of Northeast Florida?

Do you want to get to know other professionals in your area and contribute to developing an active, vibrant local training community?
Then volunteering for the Northeast Florida Chapter of ATD is for you! There's no denying that members are ATD's heart. They give the association its life and strength. However, ATD's soul comes from its volunteers. They bring passion and meaning to the work of the Society, and ATD could not survive without them.

Volunteering in ATD can benefit both you and your employer. On an individual level, you will:
  • develop and practice important and business and leadership skills;
  • broaden your professional network;
  • gain visibility in your field; and
  • gain access to new developments and cutting edge information in your field.

Your organization will also enjoy benefits from your volunteer work, such as:
  • the application of your new management and leadership abilities on the job;
  • access to best practices in other organizations;
  • and opportunities to test new ideas and techniques with other professionals before implementation.

Getting involved is easy. Outlined below are several options:
  1. Speak with the board member that serves your area of interest. Find board member contact information at Leadership Team.

  2. Contact and share your strengths, interests, and availability. Our assocation's President Elect will find the best opportunity for you.

  3. Attend the next ATD meeting.

  4. Attend the next Board of Directors meeting.

For more information, contact

How can I get on/off the mailing list?

Once logged on as member or guest, click the View Profile link at the bottom of the menu. Click the Edit button, then click the Subscriptions link. There, you can select what email to receive from the Northeast Florida chapter of ATD.

I'm looking for a trainer / training facility / training contractor / consultant / etc. Where can I find a list of available vendors?

ATD's Talent Development Services has a complete listing of chapter members who provide training products and services. Think of it as Northeast Florida's Training Yellow Pages! You can either search by name or by specialty such as instructional design or elearning. Simply click at
Resources » Talent Development Services Directory link on the menu.

You can also post a description of your need for our members to view. Send a description of what you are looking for to and any member who provides those services can contact you directly.

How can I can distribute a training RFP (Request For Proposal)?

You can distribute requests for training products or services by sending a copy of your RFP/RFQ or other description of your need to That information will be displayed for members, who provide different services. Any member, providing that service, can contact you directly.