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ATD NEFL Mentor Program

What is it?

Open to chapter members, the ATD NEFL Mentor Program is a 4-5 month experience (Summer through Fall) designed to build relationships, knowledge and expand career horizons.

Why should I participate?

Participation in the ATD NEFL Mentoring Program is all about learning.

  • For the mentee, it is an opportunity to gain experiences and knowledge in areas that are related to your future growth.
  • For the mentor, it is an opportunity to open doors and to provide guidance for a mentee.
  • For both mentor and mentee, it is an opportunity to build leadership skills and establish partnerships that will prove to be mutually beneficial.

What is the time commitment?

A suggested minimum time commitment for participation in the program is eight hours. This timeframe includes a brief pre-program orientation call and kick off meeting, and 1-hour mentoring sessions (either face-to-face or virtual) each month. The mentor/mentee pair may choose to talk more often than the minimum 8 hours.

When will I be notified?

Following the application deadline, matches will be assigned based on interest and learning need. Selection into the program will be dependent upon the applications received and the specific needs of the mentee and experience of the mentors. You will be notified within a few weeks. If for some reason you are not chosen as a mentor or mentee for the current year, we ask for your understanding and encourage your reapplication the following year.

Should I apply as a mentor or as a mentee?

Either role is a significant step toward professional development. As you make this decision, keep in mind these guidelines:

  • Mentors – a seasoned talent development professional to provide support, guidance and career advice on an as-needed basis. Mentors can experience personal satisfaction that comes from being of service to others and “giving back.”
  • Mentees – a professional who is new-to-role, new-to-profession, or wanting to grow professionally and personally. The mentee holds the responsibility to shape the direction of the relationship with the mentor and take the lead in scheduling.

How do I get started?

To apply to the program, please complete either the mentor or mentee profile form and submit to mentoringchair@ATDNEFL.org.

How do I find out more information?

To learn more details, please contact

Doug LeFever
Mentor Program Chair

mentoringchair@ATDNEFL.org or 215-407-5395.


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PO Box 551202

Jacksonville, FL 32255-1202


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