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Do you want to be the best you can be? What does Professional Development mean to you? We have a wide variety of programs that include: Career development, eLearning, and getting  to know one another (meetup) opportunities! Mentorship, Coaching, Leadership and more are  just a few of the skill enhancement tools we want to address.

Mentorship stands as one of the pillars of professional development, for it facilitates the exploration of needs, skills, desires, and motivations. Both having and being a mentor allow for the development of long-lasting relationships of trust, respect, and sound guidance.

We will also work to improve our skills in all areas of training and leadership development.  Things like coaching, coaching being described as using an interactive process to help individual and organizations develop more rapidly and producing more satisfying results  improving other’s ability to set goals, take action and make better decisions. We are also working towards supporting our candidates for the CPLP and APTD.

Our chapter is actively working to bring helpful and timely resources to our membership. We are actively working on bringing in experts/ facilitators for topics to help you improve on your existing skills and learn new! Check out our events page for our currently scheduled sessions.

ATD Talent Development Capability Model

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CPLP Certification

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance™ (CPLP™) offered by the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) offers workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals an opportunity to enhance credibility and improve value in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Click here to learn more. For our chapter, we strive to build awareness and support of CPLP certification. We organize study groups using flexible, accessible meeting formats. We also offer the use of the ATD Learning System at a reduced price to help you prepare and study for the exam.

APTD Certification

The Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) is a certification for talent development professionals who are in the early part of their careers or whose professional roles and aspirations are focused on a few areas of expertise. The competencies included in the APTD are the basics of talent development that professionals can use every day, no matter the level within an organization or company. It may be a destination for some or a stepping stone to the CPLP for others.

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