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3 Keys to Peak Performance at Work - An Interactive Drumming Experience

  • Wednesday, November 20, 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Webster University, 10407 Centurion Pkwy N, Suite 210


Even though you might not consider yourself musically inclined, you have rhythm.  Humans (like most things in nature) thrive on patterns to survive – circadian rhythms, calendars, behavior patterns.  We’re also often drawn to catchy and repetitive songs because they influence our emotions, whether it’s a groovy dance beat or a sentimental ballad.

Rhythm can do much more than simply motivate us; it can help us connect more deeply with ourselves and others.  Research has shown that participating in group rhythmic activities can enhance communication skills, decrease stress, and even improve our brain function. Our presenter also shares what she learned about rhythm during her research in West Africa.

In this experiential presentation using rhythm, you will:

  • Explore three ways to improve workplace performance
  • Learn how rhythm has been clinically shown to improve brain function
  • Commit to one activity you can add to your schedule to improve your creative output at work
Come and discover for yourself how rhythm can enhance your performance at work!


Alisha Ross Ramcharitar, M.A., B.A. is a global bridge between West African drum and dance, teambuilding and wellness programs. The Founder of Just Add Rhythm, she leads interactive, innovative programs in the Jacksonville area and throughout Florida.  Alisha is a REMO endorsed and HealthRHYTHMS® trained facilitator.  She also holds a senior accreditation in the evidence-based DRUMBEAT approach to drumming with at-risk youth. 

Alisha is a graduate of the Fall 2018 Jax Bridges entrepreneurial growth cohort, and she has had the opportunity to drum with a variety of Northeast Florida corporate clients, including Mayo Clinic, Humana, and Brooks Rehabilitation.  Since 2012, her company has drummed with over 100,000 people in over 100 organizations throughout Florida and Georgia.

From her roots at Berklee College of Music to her master’s degree from Tufts, Alisha brings 16+ years’ experience and musical engagement to empower, inspire and ignite joy. 


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