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Personal Productivity and Thought Leadership

  • Tuesday, December 10, 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy St. Johns Town Center - 10367 Mid Town Parkway


Program Description:

So many people are struggling with productivity at work. We interview, we land the position, we’re excited, we start working, and then reality hits. We are given way more work to do than what’s listed on the job description, right? So, we attempt to do everything expected of us by multi-tasking.

But what if multi-tasking is a myth? If multi-tasking is not possible, how can I be productive?

It isn’t only a matter of removing obstacles. It also means not taking the clear path to lower-value tasks.

In this discussion, we start with “plate management”, continue with filtering our “plate inputs” to find what has the most value, reshuffle our remaining inputs as we go, and learn to say NO.

The way you manage yourself (what’s on your plate/what you get done) cannot be separated from your leadership, and thus, your personal BRAND. How do others see you? Are you known as someone who is always busy, or someone who gets things done? Do others listen to you? Will you be a product of your own small successes or will you allow yourself to play the longer game, taking on less to get more done and creating a bigger impact? Do less, but do better. Show up to live your best, most productive life, and add value to yourself and your organization.

About the Speaker

Devorah Allen-Solorio of Allen-Solorio Consultancy, LLC is a bilingual (English/Spanish) management consultant and trainer in California, specializing in Management, Leadership, HR and L&D consulting and training. She is CPLP certified through ATD and has an MBA from Cal State, Long Beach. She has a Six Sigma Green Belt, certificates in Coaching and Workplace Investigations and is a Change Management Professional. She has several articles published on TD.org and TrainingIndustry.com under the name Devorah Allen and has spoken at yearly Training Days, Strategy Sessions, Chambers of Commerce, Symposiums and other venues.

Her background includes work in hotels, restaurants, transportation and logistics, financial institutions, agriculture and consulting. She has consulted and trained thousands of hours on topics ranging from management, coaching and leadership to emotional intelligence and prevention of sexual harassment.

Her website is: http://www.allensolorioconsultancy.com 


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