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Cross The Line Presented by Jason R. Murphy, President, JRM Human Capital

  • Thursday, August 18, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual (Zoom link sent with registration)


  • Power, Annual Traditional, Corporate, & Students


With everything, there's a line. On one side of the line is a greater chance to make good things happen better results, better relationships, more opportunities). On the other side of the line, there's less of a chance.

And with each line, you have a choice.
You want to cross the line, or you don't.
You want that better chance at making good things happen (meaningful things) or you settle with the lesser chance.
Your choice.

HOW TO CROSS THE LINE with JRM Human Capital.

What you'll learn:

1. Choose to commit. Make that choice to improve your chances to go beyond mediocrity. Approach the things you do with the intent to deliver, succeed, and serve.
2. Work hard. Real effort and attention are the keys to making good things happen. There are no quick fixes. Push yourself. Earn your results.
3. Focus. Eliminate distractions. Minimize the negative people, thoughts, and things. Time moves quickly and you can't get it back. Take good care of it.
4. Bounce back. Embrace your challenges and learn from mistakes.

Remember your choice to cross the line and make good things happen for yourself and the people around you.

About Speaker:

Jason R. Murphy is president and principal consultant at JRM Human Capital, an award-winning human capital consulting firm. Jason is a fun, energetic, experienced, international motivational keynote speaker, author, coach, and master facilitator. With over 25 years of experience and a educational background in organizational psychology from the University of Central Florida. Jason’s passion is in developing individuals and teams within organizations of all size. With over 30 master certifications and he is recognized as one of few end-to-end Learning Strategists in the world.

Jason has supported global organizations by developing robust leadership development programs that enhance group dynamics, target and grow talent, and increase organizational success. By transforming how businesses learn and engage, Jason is able to access, design, deliver, manage and evaluate learning experiences based on an organization’s needs and goals. His people-focused solutions, help transform organizational culture by helping develop employee engagement strategies, boost resiliency, strengthen leadership, improve team dynamics, and increase productivity.


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