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  • June Monthly Event: Communications and Conflict in a Tough Economy

June Monthly Event: Communications and Conflict in a Tough Economy

  • Thursday, June 21, 2012
  • 11:30 AM - 1:15 PM
  • Maggiano’s at Town Center

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                          June Monthly Event

                Guest speaker: Gerry Hoeffner

                Communications and Conflict
                       in a Tough  Economy 

Event Description:

Much of our day is filled with individuals who are either complaining
about something or in conflict with someone. It is a never ending
routine. But in a tough economy, their complaints are much more
personal, and to them their concerns threaten their basic security.
In a tough economy, “It is Personal”.

Unfortunately, we have spent the last decade training our
management teams to avoid personaldiscussions. While our
employees expect management to understand their feelings, we
have trained our management teams to avoid them. As a result,
many professionals do not handle these complaints well, leading
to even more complaints, conflict and yes, the possibility of a legal

In this fun and entertaining program we will discuss the mechanics
of communications, what causes conflict and how to deal with
angry employees and customers. In this program you will learn
how to improve communication skills, listening skills and
demonstrate empathy with all those who are adapting to the
challenges of a tough economy.

In this program you will discover:

- How people communicate feelings
- How to respond to those feelings
- How to avoid common causes of conflict
- How to build a more professional response to angry individuals
- How to move past the emotions

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ASTD Competency Model:

The ASTD Competency Model includes critical
factors needed to be a
successful workplace
arning professional. This month’s chapter
event focuses on “Improving Human
Performance” and supports the foundational
competency entitled “Interpersonal-
Communicating Effectively”
(Click model to enlarge.)

About our Speaker:
Gerry Hoeffner (pronounced "Jeri Hefner") is
President of Personnel Dynamics Consulting,
which specializes in Change Management,
Corporate Culture Enhancement, Organizational
Development,  Leadership and Customer Service

Gerry's passion for the study of human behavior and his
experience in manufacturing, retail sales financial services, and
the medical field provides a broad spectrum of insight and
knowledge to his work. Gerry is known throughout the U. S. and
Canada for his high-energy presentations and his "straight talking"
approach to management. His insight into today's  business
environment has made him a popular addition to meetings and
conferences everywhere. 

He has been featured in HR Magazine for his work on the
Workforce 2020 program. His "Best Places to Work" program was
recognized by the Society for Human Resource management with
the 2002 National Pinnacle Award. With this program, he collects
data and records best practices from employers throughout the
U.S. With this information he determines the best places to work
and can provide his audiences with the real life solutions to the
challenging businesses face every day. In 2012 he will beginning a
new venture with the release of TheTurnoverCaluclator.com, a
website dedicated to educating employers on the costs of losing
good employees.

Date: June 21, 2012

11:30 AM - 11:45 AM  Check-in and networking
11:45 AM - 1:15 PM Lunch and Program


Maggiano’s (at Town Center)
10367 Midtown Parkway
St. Johns Town Center
Jacksonville, Fl. 32246

Attire: Business Casual

Gold Chapter Members: Complimentary
Chapter Members: $25.00
Non Members: $35.00

Please Note: A $5.00 surcharge for unregistered "walk-ins" will
apply to both members and non-members. Online registration
closes midnight on June 18, 2012.

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